Sunday, March 3

Another Korean Fried Chicken Chain

Jinjja Chicken?!

Yet another KFC?! (read: korean fried chicken)

This time it's called Jinjja Chicken. Opened its first store at Sunway Pyramid and their second at The Garden Midvalley. Only two store for now. They works the exact same as 4fingers tho they have a bit of a different menu.

Right above is their menu. Me and my friend ordered a few stuff. I got the Army Stew, my friend got the Chicken Burger. And then we both decided to share Kpop Chicken.

This is the Kpop Chicken. We got two drumstick, soem popcord chicken bites, some fries, and a little bit of teokbokki with cheese hiding under.

Just like 4fingers, you could choose the sauces for the chicken and flavor for the fries.

They range the sauce according to thei spices level. The non spicy one which is also your regular and OG flavor are soy garlic.And then you a not so spicy one called yangnyeom. And then the last one, the dreaded one, which is monster.

Beware! The monster one is legit spicy. Even my nogori friend can't handle it. Monster indeed! So please think of your stomach and butthole first before you try to order lol.

For the fries, they also offer three flavor which is seasalt (the regular one), sesame seaweed and tteokbokki. I definitely don't remember which one we got but for me personally I don't really care. I like fries so I'll definitely finished in a blink. 

The only downside is the cheese! These cheese is just nope! It hardened like heck! It was so sad (as you can see from the pic). Other than that, my friend said the drumstick aren't cooked all the way. I don't know maybe it was just at that time. I was fine with it but my friend is extra sensitive so if my friend don't like it, there will definitely other people who won't like  it as well. So that's that. Taste-wise, it was good.

This is my Army Stew. The reason why I got this is because of Mukbang videos. Pengaruh kuat beb. The only thing is that the one in the mukbang looks super extra compared to this one. Well of course it is because the one in mukbang is maybe 3 or 4 times more of a portion than this. They also have the best ingredients.

As you can see from the pic, they don't have much in it except for sausages and some spam looking thingy. It looks very boring in my opinion. But taste wise, it is quite good.

This is the Chicken Burger. My friend said that it was good. I taste it a little bit and yeah it is good. If I remembered correctly, you can also choose the sauce for the burger. And I think my friend got the soy garlic one.

I think if I'm gonna be eating here again, I'll get this burger but with the yangnyeom sauce. 

Oh goodness gracious my mouth be watering right now!

Not gonna lie, these close up be making my stomach growls pagi-pagi buta ni.

The not-so-very flatlay pic!

The damage had to be done!

I didn't have any good picture of the surrounding but it was pretty well lit and nicely decorated for picture. This one in Midvalley in particular is secluded so not many people (given that I came on weekdays) and it was also quite spacey compared to the one in Sunway. The one in Sunway is pretty much located in the middle and they don't really have a big spaces so it could be crowded sometimes.

You will also be accompanied with kpop song and music videos on their lcd screens.

So my verdict is definitely I want to go again because I wanna try their other stuff! Other than that, I think we're getting a lot more fast Korean fried chicken chain store in Malaysia and it becoming a lot more common nowadays and we all are gonna be or if not already getting tired of chickens. LOL

I also saw another KFC chain store in midvalley called NENE chicken. Same concept, a lil different menu. But always worth a try. Next maybe? 

ps: this was supposedly be posted last week but i had a very busy weekend (i'll talk about it next post insyaAllah). uh being consistent is so hard!!! xD


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