Sunday, February 10

A Focallure Haul



I bought a lot of Focallure makeup from Shopee. I saw NurFatinZakki, Lily Ibrahim and Alia Azizan's video on Focallure makeup and one may say that they've allured me to buy Focallure products hehe.

I've been browsing through the Focallure Official Shopee store for awhile. I've been liking their products here and there.

I even put a lot of products in my Shopee cart. I always do this. I always put a lot of stuff in my cart when I don't even want to buy it. Please tell me I'm not the only one?

I know there is this option that you can like stuff and its sort off be like your wishlist but I don't know why I still put stuff in the cart. It just happened.

But in this case with these Focallure stuff, I actually want to buy them but not at that time. Maybe someday and that someday finally came and I'm ready to buy.

I dropped and paid my order on 11th January and it got delivered to me from China on 22nd January. So it took almost 2 weeks for my order to arrived. That's quite a fast delivery considering its from China.

It came nicely packaged with bubble wrap. No damages. Everything is in a mint condition. So now let's see what I got~

#1 Brushes

I got the 10 brushes set that came with a little pouch. I've used them as you can already tell from the picture. I don't know how to judge a brush as I'm not very into makeup but all I know is it is soft and it works for me as a brush. The design is very sleek and simple and I really like that. Actually, I really love the whole branding of Focallure. The packaging is super pretty and as a designer myself, its making me to not throw it away ( I really haven't lol).

#2 Foundation

I got their foundation in the shade #04 Natural which is the same foundation that Fatin used. It is slightly darker for me but I can still work it out. Again, I don't know how to judge a foundation. I haven't had a lot of experiences with foundation. But I have an oily skin and of course it does makes my skin look shinier throughout the day. But to say the least, that's what every other foundation did without powder touch up as well right?

#3 Concealer

I got myself their liquid concealer in the shade #02 Light Cream. Its a lot lighter than the foundation. The reason why is because I really want to do a full face of a makeup just like how all the makeup gurus on Youtube did. Those concealing the under eyes and the baking the concealer with a loose powder. But overall, the concealer kinda creases a bit especially on my dry patches so it doesn't look very pleasing up close.

#4 Loose powder

Yes I got a loose powder. I got the translucent one but if I'm not mistaken, they have other shades as well. This powder really works perfectly with the foundation. It mattify and blur my face I feel like. It kinda works like a real life Snapchat filter haha.

#5 Eyeshadows

So I got two eyeshadows palette. The Tropical Vacation palette and The Sunset palette. I actually just wanted the Tropical Vacation one but I think I didn't double check my cart or I probably didn't see that I have The Sunset palette in the cart as well so I ended up with these two palette. I don't mind having two because that just mean I could play with more stuff. But the problem is that these two palette kinda have the same shades. They actually have one of the same shade (Frost)!

I really wish the other one could be a funky one so it'll be a lot of fun to play with but thats okay I guess. It's not completely the same (except for that one particular shades). Yeah guys check your cart first before paying. Don't end up like me haha.

#6 Eyebrow

My current eyebrow pencil that I bought as an emergency at Domesky ( after my favorite Daiso pink eyebrow got smashed and Daiso stopped selling them) are running out super fast cos eyebrows are the only makeup things other than foundation and lipstick that I use. I decided to buy Focallure eyebrow pencil. Since they have a grey one (which is the only shade that I'd wear).

But guess what? It came in brown! Lmao. At first I thought maybe I really am deliberately bought the brown one but then I looked at my Shopee purchase history and it says Grey! I don't know what happened. Maybe they sold out of grey or they mistakenly put brown instead or whatever. I'll just let this one slide. Even though I don't know if I'll ever wear that. I guess I'm gonna try the Innisfree one next.

#7 Eyeliner

This is pretty self explanatory. It's a black eyeliner. It works decent. Not waterproof or whatever so it'll definitely came off thoughout the day but thats okay. You get what you pay for. Alos, I'm trying to add eyeliner into my everyday makeup routine so let's see about that.

#8 Mascara

Also pretty self explanatory. It's a mascara. It doens't get clumpy so that good. But it smudges tho so that's that.

#9 Highlighter, blusher and bronzer palette

This one I got in the shade #02. I am no way near familiar with these part of makeup products that's why I got this 3-in-1 palette. The blush and bronzer are alright. I should practice more on how to apply it. For the highlighter, its probably too goldish for my skin. I don't if they have any, but I don't see more of a closeup swatches of the highlight on Shopee. They probably have it but I didn't see. But I think it is still workable if I don't put too much (which I know a lot of people do especially highlight lmao).

#10 Liquid lipstick

I am crazy about liquid lipstick. When I see Focallure' shades I was quaking. They have so much! And so I got as much as I can (probably not as much as you thought but to me it's still too much lol). I got two individual lipsticks in #06 Rose Taupe and #07 Chestnut. I also got one sets of three lipsticks  in Kit 2 which have the shades #08 Old Rose, #10 Ruddy Pink and #15 Rose Gold.

As you can see from the picture, I go for a more pinkish and purple-ish shades. I like the first three shades; #06, #07, #08 but the other two not so much. The #10 is too Nicki Minaj and very patchy. #15 is a heavy no no for me. It seems like the lipstick doesn't mixed very well. I could see color separation in the tube (you could see on my hand swatch its the last color) and the color itself just makes me look like an evil witch haha.

Other products that I didn't have picture of are a glitter eyeliner in shades #05 Party and a lipliner pencil in shades #12 Chestnut. I haven't really get to properly try the eyeliner yet cos I don't have any reason to wear it yet cos its super fancy for my taste but I kinda got it just cause you know, experiment purposes. As for the lipliner, its doesn't come out at all on my lips. No pigment. Probably its my lips problem but I don't know.

So that is all the stuff that I got from Focallure! Overall, as someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup but is interested in trying on a full face of makeup, I think this brand is the way to go. It's cheap and actually have good to mediocre quality of products which is totally fine. Especially with their prices, one shouldn't complain. Again, you get what you paid for.

It is definitely something you can have as a starter kit for makeup if you're broke like I am but still wanna play with makeup.

NOTES: This is such a long post. Its been awhile since I posted this long. I also bought other stuff from Shopee like my watercolor palette. But I don't know if I'm gonna do haul on that or whatever. I am also on the processed of editing my Krabi vlog which is long overdue! Really wish I could finish that before February ends. See you on my next post. Bye!


  1. wow banyaknya beli. echa tak reti langsung nak mekap2 ni. tapi lipstick mcm best! lipstick je wajib guna utk elakkan muka nampak pucat hihi.

    1. tu lah kalau gi shopee tu tak hingat dunia..

  2. I am excited for the loose powder & eyeshadow, time to add on the cart wehooo~